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Changes to SeeNowDo projects are instantly updated to all project users. The taskboard is always up-to- date. No Lag. No delays.


Control User Permissions

Control which projects' users are collaborators and can update taskboards or those who need to have only viewer-level access.


Import Iteration Data

If you already use other tools and spreadsheets for planning, you can use the import capability to import only the data you need for each iteration.



Different teams have different needs. Project administrators can customize SeeNowDo taskboard columns, task categories, story settings and much more.

"SeeNowDo is really cool. It allows teams to rapidly setup and use a taskboard without extensive setup, or upfront work. Just enter your stories, tasks and go."

- Agile Coach

Before we started using SeeNowDo we had tremendous challenges keeping our physical taskboards updated across three locations. SeeNowDo allows every team member to see exactly what everyone else sees.

- ScrumMaster, Financial Services Company


SeeNowDo is a simple, flexible and free taskboard designed specifically to meet the needs of distributed Agile teams.

Multiple Projects

SeeNowDo allows users to collaborate on multiple different projects with different team members.


Customize Layout

Users can adjust task cards and columns widths. This is particularly useful for heavily crowded taskboards.


Work Flow View

Identify bottlenecks and minimize work-in-progress.


Task Categories

Assign custom color-coded categories to tasks.

FAQ about SeeNowDoTM

What is SeeNowDo?

SeeNowDo is a hosted online service that allows Agile and Scrum teams to collaborate with highly interactive digital taskboards.

IT IS NOT a comprehensive Agile Project Management tool. IT IS NOT a project repository. IT IS NOT a reporting system. IT IS NOT intended to solve all your tooling needs. Taskboards - that's it!

Who should use SeeNowDo?

SeeNowDo is designed for distributed Agile and Scrum teams. It is intended for those teams who want to take advantage of collaborative taskboards across distributed teams. Teams can use SeeNowDo to quickly create a digital taskboard that is instantly synchronized after any update.

What's wrong with a physical taskboard?

In the ideal world all team-members would be co-located. In such a case a physical taskboard in the team room would suffice. In reality, however, distributed teams are inevitable. When team members are in different locations, keeping multiple physical taskboards synchronized is a tedious and time-consuming chore. These boards tend to become stagnant and are quickly rendered useless.
SeeNowDo solves this problem.

Is it really free?

It is completely free. No annoying ads. No expiring "Trial" period. SeeNowDo is provided free courtesy of BigVisible Solutions. Go ahead and register risk-free.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. Over the years we have coached countless teams who would have benefited from a simple, light-weight digital taskboard that didn't require purchasing an expensive heavy-weight tool. We are happy we can now provide them and others with this capability.

How difficult is it to get started?

It's pretty easy. No heavy setup or configuration required. After you register and login, all you need to do is create a project and iteration. Now invite your team and you're ready to go. We've even provided a "Sample" project to help you explore the features of SeeNowDo.

Can I deploy SeeNowDo on my own server?

At this time SeeNowDo is only available as a hosted application. While the tool is still in Beta, local installations are not available though this option may be available in the future. Please share your interest with us at - we hope to accommodate your needs soon.

Who is BigVisible?

BigVisible Solutions is an Agile and Lean consulting, coaching and training company. Our sole focus is helping organizations not only to implement Agile, but to help maximize the value an organization can extract from adopting Agile. Our goal is to help our clients leverage Agile and Lean to meet their business goals. We hope that SeeNowDo will help you achieve yours. Learn more about us at our web site or check out our upcoming training classes.